Just a place to record where I went and what I caught.

From landing net to internet in seconds
via my live twitter feed below........


Near the end of the summer 2009 I started fishing again after almost a 20 year break from it, I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed it.
I am by no means any kind of accomplished angler, pro, expert or anything even close to that, I just enjoy it full stop.

As well as this site I can also be found in a few other places,


There are a couple of waters I cant write to much about at the request of the land owners, these waters will be referred to as "Local Private Water" or "LPW" for short.

I do visit quite a few other places for a days fishing, these other fisheries I will provide as much information about as I can on how to get there as well as a brief review of whatever facilities there are on site such as Tackle Shops I use, Toilets & Access, Parking and so on, will also provide information on tackle shops.
To find this information go to the blog page and filter the categories, Fishing, Reviews, Tackle. 
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